Trials Today Localized

A clinical trials search platform tailored for individual institutions or research networks


A Quick and Easy Way to Display your Clinical Trials to the Public

The Trials Today Localized platform allows partner institutions to adopt a custom branded, Vanderbilt hosted, embeddable/linkable Localized trial listing service, displaying to the public the studies affiliated with their institution from


Our current partners.

We're proud to display our current partners from all over who are benefiting from using 'Trials Today Localized'. The map (at right) shows our currents partners. Please feel free to click our partner pages to get a sense of how they're being used.

You can view our process below to see how we make this happen.


We are able to host individual sites as well as provide technical maintenance and IT support. We also work with partners during the process of validating the trials that appear on your site to insure accuracy. You can learn more about that validation process below.


Utilizing internal as well as Google Analytics, we are able to provide partner sites with meaningful data regarding site traffic, use, user demographics, etc...

Platform Development

We continue to work with our partners to identify and prioritize new functionalities to further engage and connect with potential clinical trials participants.

Interested in creating a Trials Today site for your institution?

To start the process or learn more about Trials Today, feel free to contact us by clicking the link below.

Learn more about what it takes to create a site


Reach out to us

Contact us and let us know you're interested and would like to get started


Provide (sample) design elements

Either send us information such as logo, font styles,
layout or send us links which have the look and feel you need


Determine filtering options

There are two possible approaches to take in determining your list of trials.
This will depend upon whether your institution has the ability to generate comprehensive lists
of clinical trials, through either an existing registry or clinic trials management system.

Your institution has a clinical trials management system that provides a comprehensive list of clinical trials. You're then able to upload the list yourself using an admin feature, share with the Trials Today team and they will upload, or upload it automatically utilizing an API.

Your institution does not have a way to generate a comprehensive list of clinical trials. Therefore, you will need to provide a set of criteria that will determine which trials from are pulled into your Trials Today site. These criteria include…

  • Your site’s name or names
  • Your institution’s telephone prefixes (the area code plus the first three digits of your institution telephone numbers)
  • The domain names associated with your sites email addresses
  • The zip codes associated with your institution
  • The city(s) in which your institution is affiliated.


Verify accuracy of your newly branded site

Since we use relatively simple criteria to determine what trials to pull in for your institution,
several iterations or adjustments to the criteria may be needed. The Trials Today support team
will work with your institution to fine tune these results until you are satisfied with the output.


Go live!

Once we get confirmation from you that your branded site
is ready to, we'll flip the switch.

Participating Organizations